Common Mistakes That Are Reducing Your iPhone Screen’s Life Span

Smartphones have become our constant companions these days. Right from maps to payments and even work, phones are no longer merely communication devices. We need our phones every step of the way, every minute of the day. Unfortunately, it is seen that people often fail to take proper care of their own phones, which contributes to a majority of the iPhone repairs and replacement costs incurred. Several excellent doorstep iPhone screen replacement and repair solutions have even come up for the quickest resolution of phone troubles. However, if you are having issues with your phone so often that “iPhone repair near me” has become one of your top searches, there is a high chance that it is owing to poor handling and care. Avoid these common mistakes, which are reducing your iPhone screen’s lifespan drastically.


1. Continuous Use While Charging

We are practically glued to our screens, as our phones have become a vital part of our everyday lives. However, the most commonly made mistake is the constant use of your phone, even while charging. This is one of the major contributors to iPhone screen replacement. While charging the phone, the Lithium-ion battery gets heated up slightly above resting temperature, and then on top of that, you use it, you contribute to overheating, which over time, will slowly cause damage to the display. In order to prevent this damage, most newer models of iPhone slow down charging and divert power to the screen and active phone functions, when in use. In order to avoid this in the first place, it is best to let your phone screen, as well as your eyes, get some much-needed rest while your iPhone is on charge.


2. Exposure To High Temperatures

If you have a habit of leaving your phone in the car, on a sunny windowsill or under the pillow during charging, you need to change this immediately. Doing these will cause your phone to overheat, and thus, you are in for heat damage, resulting in an unnecessary iPhone screen replacement cost. Moreover, using your phone, especially highly energy-intensive apps, under direct sunlight is also not recommended. Not only does the sunlight hitting the phone heat up the LCD, but certain apps, when used continuously over a long period of time of extreme heat, also causes damage to the screen, often visible in the form of unevenness or lines on the display. In order to avoid heat damage, always keep your phone in a cool space and gaps around for necessary air circulation.


3. Exposure To Liquids

One of the biggest reasons why people are forced to rush their phones for emergency iPhone repair is liquid damage to the LCD. Depending on the model and make, iPhones have a wide range of water tolerance, right from basic splash resistance to being able to withstand a maximum depth of 6 meters for up to 30 minutes. However, in larger amounts, liquids can do heavy, and sometimes even irreparable, damage to the screen, needing nothing short of an immediate replacement of the screen. To be on the safe side, keep liquids, such as water, juice, coffee and other beverages away from your phone while dining, and make sure to keep your phone away in a waterproof bag when you go off for a swim.


4. Improper Cleaning

Just like our skin, our phones also need regular cleaning. Otherwise, the accumulated on the screen can end up clogging the pores on your face, leading to acne and rashes. However, you should only use a clean and soft, preferably microfiber, cloth to clean your iPhone screen. Avoid wiping the screen on your clothes to protect it from scratches. You can find several cleaning solutions, specifically designed for screens, in the market for sanitizing your phone, but do not use regular hand sanitiser, water or any other cleansing solution on your screen, as these can cause abrasive or liquid damage.


5. Impact Injury

Although it goes without saying that you should not drop your phone, impact injury, however, is one of the biggest causes of iPhone screen replacement costs incurred by people. While the latest iPhone models are evolving and using tougher materials to minimize, or at least reduce the damages caused by a drop. But as of now, no phone can eliminate this risk, and hence, it is highly recommended that you handle and use your phone with a little more care. If you are using your iPhone on the go, be extra careful about your surroundings, and the road ahead to prevent any accidental drops. For those with small to no pockets, it is safer to carry your phone in a satchel or bag. If you let your little ones use your iPhone, make sure they are seated on a mat or something that can cushion the blow if your phone is dropped.


6. Dicey Repairs

Often small local repair shops use poor quality unbranded, and even defective or used parts, which, in turn, increases your repair costs over time, and can even cause permanent damage to your phone. In order to avoid these hassles, it is important to do thorough research before trusting someone with the repairs of your precious iPhone. Whether you opt for doorstep iPhone screen replacement or iPhone screen repair service provided by nearby local shops, it is important to ensure that you go only to the top-rated repair solution providers, who use only high-quality spare parts.

In today’s world, our smartphones are a necessary tool for every day. A majority of iPhone screen damage can be simply prevented by being a little more careful in handling and usage. It will prolong your iPhone screen’s life and give a better resale value in the future as well. Buzzmeeh is the leading mobile repair service provider in India, offering top-notch iPhone repair and other Apple device repair services with guaranteed quality and affordable costs.