Common Apple Watch Issues And Their Easy Fixes

The Apple Watch is an impressive piece of technology, equipped with the latest and most top-of-the-line features and an incredible array of uses that will be of immense help in your everyday life. However, it is commonly observed that sometimes users face minor issues or glitches, for which they end up rushing to the service center or calling for doorstep apple watch repair. But these issues are often easy to troubleshoot with minor setting changes and tweaks. Here are some of the most common issues and their easy fixes for your Apple Watch.


1. “No iPhone Connection” Error Message

It can be incredibly frustrating when you keep seeing the “No iPhone Connection” error message. But do not worry, because this is usually a very simple pairing issue and one of the most common problems that smartwatch users face. On your iPhone control center check if the WiFi and Bluetooth are both turned on for establishing communication with the Apple watch. If not, turn them on, and check if your watch is in Pairing Mode. When both of these are done, you will be able to pair and connect your devices.


2. “Sleepy” Apple Watch

Your Apple watch is supposed to wake up, as the screen should turn on when you raise your wrist. However, if that feature is not working, you really do not need to rush for an Apple watch screen replacement right now, as it is not a sign of major screen damage! All you have to do is simply check your settings to turn the ‘Wake Screen on Wrist Raise’ feature on. You have to enable this feature one time, in the beginning, to enjoy it. Once you do that, your watch should wake up smoothly.


3. Unable To Sync Contacts

Contacts on your iPhone and Apple Watch should ideally sync seamlessly, but like all technology, sometimes it does not work as expected. It can be highly frustrating, but nothing to call for doorstep apple watch repair services over. Go to the Watch app on your iPhone and on its Settings, click on the Reset Sync Data option. This will delete all the contacts as well as your calendar data and sync it all over again.


4. Apps Loading Slow

A common problem that many Apple users have complained of, is that apps often take forever to load on their Apple smartwatches. The most common cause of this problem lies in clutter. Clear away all the unnecessary storage-hogging apps, and your watch would become immediately much faster. While at it, check for your iOS software upgrades and ensure that your watch is updated with the latest version. Apple collects reports from their users and designs new versions of the software to eliminate the common bugs, and that should improve your app situation as well.


5. Apps Freezing Or Crashing

Applications on your watch crashing unexpectedly at launch or freezing in the middle of using them can be quite annoying. But this is a common problem, usually caused by app version incompatibility or RAM issues. Clean up your bulky apps, and those you don't commonly use to free up space, and then update the apps that keep causing issues. This should make the apps run smoothly. If that does not still fix the problem, uninstall the app and reinstall it from the iOS app store for a fresh start.


6. Watch Stuck at Black Screen or Apple Logo

If your Apple Watch is stuck at the Apple logo, or as is commonly called the black screen of death, it can be a completely terrifying feeling. But this is usually not something that calls for Apple Watch screen repair. It is simply a common glitch faced after resetting or updating the watch software. This issue can usually be solved with a quick hard reboot or forced restart. In order to do that, you just need to press and hold the side button along with the Digital Crown together until the Apple logo reappears on the screen, and the watch starts up.


7. Not Tracking Activities

A very simple, but irritating problem commonly faced is when your Apple watch refuses to track and record your activities. Go to your Watch app and turn on the Fitness Tracking option to enable it. Recalibrate your watch as well, and while wearing it, ensure that it is worn snug, touching your skin.


8. Screen Turned Monochrome

The colour might drain out of your face on seeing the colours suddenly missing on your watch screen. However, this is not a physical issue with your screen, requiring Apple watch repair, as much as a simple setting issue that you are facing. You simply need to long press the Watch face and customize to change the option from ‘Black’ or ‘White’ Infographicface and select the ‘Multicolor’ for the Infographics Modular face to see the vibrant colours reappear on your watch.


9. Apple Watch Not Charging

This is one issue that can and will rightly send you into a panic when you see that your Apple watch is not charging properly, or worse, not charging at all. However, before you assume the worst, ensure your charger is connected at the right spot. Often the culprit in such issues is dust and grime accumulated at the back of the watch, from constant use. Clean the back of your watch and the charger and connect again. If your watch is quite a bit old, this might be indicative of battery issues, and you might look into Apple watch battery replacement.

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