Mac Won’t Update: 7 Best Tips to Fix macOS Update Issues

After spending a lot of money on an expensive gadget like MacBook, users definitely want to have a seamless experience. But at times, a seamless experience with a gadget seems a distant dream. So, what shall you do if your Mac won't update? Clueless? Worry not! We will here discuss the 7 Best Tips to Fix macOS Update Issues. So, let's begin with why most people face macOS update issues.

Why won't my Mac update?

There could be any reason, from older macOS versions to a server issue, that your macOS prevent updates. More often than not, it is seen that newer macOS versions stop supporting older ones. Lack of storage space, and Apple server difficulties, are some other reasons your macOS won't update. Whatever be the reason, the good news we have a solution for this! Let's now take a look at the solutions. Here we go...


SOLUTION NO. 1: Check Apple's Server.

First things first, check Apple's server for the issue. There may be a possibility that you tried updating your Mac's software at the exact moment when a server was being maintained. Follow the steps below to confirm the same: Go to

Check that the macOS Software Update icon is green. That's all!


SOLUTION NO. 2: Check WiFi Connectivity.

If the issue is not because of Apple's network, it may be because of yours then. A poor Wi-Fi connection could lead to a macOS installation problem. Worry no! Just check your Wi-Fi connectivity. Check everything from signal strength to bandwidth and SNR. If you see all green patches, it means the network is good enough. Then move to the next solution...


SOLUTION NO. 3: Try Restarting Your MacBook.

Ahh...! This is the easiest of all. And often, Mac users try it whenever they face macOS update issues. Go to the Apple menu and then select the restart button.  If your MacBook doesn't reboot, try turning it off by holding down the power button for a few seconds.


SOLUTION NO. 4: Restart Installation.

Once you have restarted your MacBook, try installing macOS again by going to Software Update. Go to the Apple menu. After that, you need to select System Preferences. Now tap on Software Update in the System Preferences window. Click on Upgrade Now or Update Now to install. You might be asked to restart or enter an administrator password at this stage. Do the needful, and get started...


SOLUTION No. 5: Check Date and Time Are Correct

You may be surprised to know that sometimes the format of the date and time on your device also prevents macOS updates. To overcome this problem, you can set your device's time and date to automatic by following the steps below: Go to the Apple menu. Now tap on the System Preferences. Go to Date & Time on your device. Click on the box that says "Set date and time automatically." Lastly, click the "Set" button, and you are done!


SOLUTION NO. 6: Check Storage Space

Often the lack of storage space creates a problem when installing macOS updates. So, the easiest way is to check there's sufficient storage space. For that, please follow the steps below: Go to the Apple Menu. Select the "About This Mac" option. Select "Storage" on the menu. Afterwards, check out how much free space is there on your Mac. If you're running out of room on your Mac, just get rid of some unused programs and rudimentary files.


SOLUTION NO. 7: Attempt Launching in Safe Mode

Last but not least, Safe Mode is another tried-and-true method for resolving a Mac won't update issue. It prevents the installation of potentially harmful applications and software during startup, allowing the Mac to start up safely and, in many cases, resolving previously unresolved problems. Just follow the steps below: Turn off your Mac, and afterwards, press and hold the Shift key until you see the login screen. Then, release the Shift key and sign in. Once your Mac is in safe mode, you try updating it. After your Mac has been updated successfully, restart it normally.

Wrapping up...

So, these are the 7 best ways you can resolve the macOS won't update issue. If none of these work for you, then contact Buzzmeeh, a reliable MacBook repair service provider. Our team of Apple-trained professionals will look into the matter and fix the issue quickly!