Does your iPhone Have Water Damage? Here Are The Signs To Look For!

If you are among one of those users who recently dropped their iPhone in a liquid (say water or tea) accidentally but immediately picked up the device thinking nothing occurred, and later realized tha

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iPhone Display Issues: Fix The Blank, Black, or Blue Screen of Death

The issues with your iPhone display are often found in earlier devices with other signs of damage. Some of the other vital signs may also take place in the latest iPhone models, and these are due to t

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Top 5 Reasons for iPhone Repair

Whether for work or just for fun, millions of people use Mobile phones every day. If an item is constantly used, it is likely to get damaged at some point.

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How to Prepare Your iPhone Ready for Repairs

iPhones are amazing. But they are also expensive! We will likely take better care of them than less expensive phones. However, even the most dedicated smartphone users can drop their devices.

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What should you do to keep your phone safe this Holi?

'Holi,' the festival of colours, is just around the corner. It is a thrilling time for everyone. People are busy deciding what to wear, what colour to use, and where to party.

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Early signs that indicate the need for an iPhone battery replacement

Battery draining problem is the most common problem faced by any phone user after some course of time. This is one of the problems which every phone user has to face sooner or later.

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Factors to identify the great mobile repair service provider.

When your smartphone got damaged or if it's not working properly you want an expert who can repair your smartphone and make it just like before.

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Difference between iPad glass damage and iPad display damage

The iPad screen damage is the most common problem faced by iPad users. The iPad screen is the most fragile part of any iPad and it's easily gets broken easily if its falls from your hand.

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Tips To Make Your Phone Faster

In today's fast life we want everything fast from our food, cars, internet data speed to our gadgets we want everything as fast as a rocket.

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How To Protect Your Mobile Phone From Being Damaged?

A broken phone is the biggest nightmare for any mobile phone user. For almost everything, we have an app on our phone which makes it an integral part of our life.

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Risk You May Face When Attempting DIY Mobile Repair At Home

In today's internet world we may find various DIY (do it yourself) videos for everything and after watching those videos we also think that we can easily copy these videos and can fix any issues,

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How to Choose a Reliable Mobile Repair Company? Best Mobile Repair Company

So, it came to the point that you needed a mobile repair company. What happened? Well, chances are you got your phone wet or you’ve broken the phone screen. Regardless of the reason, considering the

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5 Ways How to Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer

You might be teased for being like ‘the person’ with a mobile phone, whose battery is always low and it can die any moment. And probably your “phone battery is low” is the only warning you tak

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Steps To Take Before Sending Your Smartphone for Repair

While smartphones have become really essential in our daily lives, there could be a possibility that you may end up damaging it. We understand how heartbreaking it can be to break an expensive smartph

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5 Tips to Make your Phone Look as Good as New, This New Year!

Craving a new phone? Don't have the funds to make a new heavy duty purchase? Cheat a little and make your old phone look and feel like an absolutely new phone is no time.

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Why Choose Repair over buying a New Phone?

Mobile phones play an important role in our day to day life. Most of us can’t even go about without carrying mobile phones.

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