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Buzzmeeh offers repair services for multiple smartphone brands available in the market. We offer online mobile repair services in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Noida, and many other places in India. We have a local operations crew in every city that is on call around the clock and ready to get to work at a moment's notice.

We have specialists for each and every device, from Apple iPad to Samsung mobiles. With us, you can be sure of quick restoration of your device and get the support of the highest caliber for all devices.

Moreover, our technicians repair your mobiles in front of you. We don't believe in hiding things from our clients. We believe it's your right to get the desired service in the most professional manner ever.


Buzzmeeh offers doorstep mobile repair in Bangalore. We are one of the renowned companies that specialize in resolving problems that are associated with ANY mobile device. We have a team of skilled and professional mobile engineers who are dedicated to giving our customers the very best experience we can deliver right at their door.

Why Opt For Mobile Repair Home Service Bangalore?

The use of an online phone repair service is increasingly gaining traction in the Indian market. People in this day and age simply cannot imagine going even a few seconds without using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. These devices have the potential to become the perfect companion for humans since they offer a wide variety of solutions to a variety of newly-emerging problems that cannot be avoided. A phone is not just a tool for entertainment, but also it is an important gadget for our day-to-day needs. We do myriads of tasks on the phone, from ordering food online to booking a cab online.

In the case that one's mobile phone unexpectedly stops working, many of their everyday activities may be put on pause. Therefore, the convenience of having an online service for mobile repair available to them allows them to fix their phone whenever it breaks. In order to better serve its clients, Buzzmeeh has started to offer services directly to consumers' homes.

We are well aware of the value of the smartphone as well as the important variables that contribute to its value, and as a result, we are committed to repairing it as quickly as possible.

Buzzmeeh is an established business with branches across the country, including the online mobile repair service Bangalore. We have tried our hands at fixing a variety of branded smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Mobile Issues That We Fix

Issues with the Display

If the touch screen or LCD of your phone is broken (cracked) and has a ruined image, or if your touch screen is not responding properly, Buzzmeeh will take care of it in the most professional manner.

Glass Damage

If the touch screen and LCD on your phone are still functioning normally, the only shattered part is the top glass; worry not! We are here to help you even in the wee hours!

Battery Replacement

In the event that the battery discharges more quickly or does not maintain its charge, we will replace the battery to let you have the best time with your mobile.


We are able to quickly repair any problems that you may be experiencing with the camera on your phone, including but not limited to: photos coming out fuzzy or blank; the camera being unable to focus; the camera being broken; and so on.


If your phone is not charging at all, charging slowly, or powering down after switching chargers are all indications that there is a problem with the charging Kit or Port of your device, let our expert technician take a look!

Back Glass

In the event that the back glass is shattered or damaged, call us to your place we will change the glass in a snap.

Ear Speaker

During a phone call, if you hear a crackling, unpleasant, or low voice, or if there is no sound at all, there is something wrong with your ear speaker, and our technician will fix it in no time.

Loud Speaker

If you are unable to hear the music or the ringing of the phone, fret not! Buzzmeeh is here to help you!


When you are speaking to another person, yet they are entirely unable to hear what you are saying, then you must trust Buzzmeeh! Our technician will surely cure the issue.

Volume/Power Button

If the Volume/Power button does not respond when you try to adjust the volume up or down, then Buzzmeeh is your best bet to get it fixed.


In the event that your phone does not reply in any way (Not able to Switch on), call us. Our expert technician will make sure that your phone starts in no time.


Aside from the above problems, if you see any other problem occurring on your phone, call us, and our specialized staff will assist you!


  • Visit our website
  • Select your "Device."
  • Then, select the model.
  • Select the color of your choice.
  • Fill in your details, like name, and mobile number, followed by the OTP sent on your mobile.
  • Select the things that require maintenance or replacement. That's all!

Our expert technician will call you to schedule an appointment, and the repair of your phone will be completed in the next few hours!

Our Services

We offer a wide range of mobile repair services, such as:

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