Some common Mobile Phone problems

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Display Problem

If your phone touch/LCD is damaged (Cracked) and has a destroyed image, no image or touch is not responding properly/ Only Half Display works.

Glass Damage

If your phone Touch/LCD is working fine, only the upper glass is broken.

Battery Replacement

If the battery is drying faster or not holding the charge.


If the camera is blank/blurred / Not able to focus or cracked.


If your phone is not charging at all, slow charging or Power-down after changing the charger also means there is a fault with the charging Kit/Port of your device and require immediate replacement.

Back Glass

If the back glass is damaged or broken

Ear Speaker

If you hear cracking/disturbing /Low Voice or no voice at all during a phone call.

Loud Speaker

If you can not hear the ringing or music sound.


While talking to other person and they are not able to hear you at all.

Volume/Power Button

If the Volume/Power button is not responding while increasing and decreasing the volume.


If your phone is not responding at all (Not able to Switch on).


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