Everyday Bad Habits That Are Damaging Your MacBook

Bad habits can be hard to break out of, but when it comes to the lifespan of your cherished, and undoubtedly expensive, MacBook, it is time you step up your game and work about bringing the change.MacBooks use the top-of-the-line latest technology to offer an unparalleled user experience. Every single part used in crafting one of these technological marvels takes extensive research, development and incredible feat of engineering, which makes MacBook repair cost quite higher than average laptops as well. If you have one of these common bad habits, it is high time you change that.


1. Using MacBook In Bed

One of the biggest causes of unnecessary MacBook battery replacement comes from the bad habit of using your MacBook on the bed regularly. While the latest MacBooks are equipped with high-end cooling technology, a soft surface like a bed or couch ends up blocking the vents, thus, leading to overheating and reducing your battery life.


2. Eating While Working

In our busy lives, it is indeed difficult to catch a break and grab a good meal in peace. However, this habit can cause your MacBook massive damage. Crumbs of food, when lodged between the keys, will reduce the sensitivity of your keyboard, and they can also jam up your MacBook’s vents, causing overheating. Moreover, liquid spills are absolutely deadly for your device as well.


3. Draining The Battery

It is a common misconception that you need to charge your device to a full 100%, and then you should drain your battery down to 0% for better battery performance. Unfortunately, that is basically a recipe for an unwanted MacBook battery replacement as this habit puts a lot of pressure on the battery to charge it from scratch, thus shortening its life. Try to ensure that your MacBook does not discharge to below 20%. Ideally, functioning between 20-80% charge is optimal for the best battery longevity.


4. Not Clearing Space

It is true that a MacBook is equipped with extremely powerful RAM, that is designed to function at high speeds. However, when you do not clear up space on your device, it puts a lot of pressure on your RAM, thereby slowing down its performance, and reducing its longevity in the long run. It is highly advised that you clean up unnecessary large files from your MacBook on a regular basis. If needed, transfer them to a storage device instead of compromising on the performance of your RAM and MacBook’s life span.


5. Leaving MacBook On Sleep

People often have a bad habit of leaving their MacBook in sleep mode by simply closing the lid and not shutting it down at the end of the day. While you do not need to shut down every time you step away but leaving your MacBook on for days puts a lot of strain on its battery. In order to save yourself a replacement and quite a hefty sum on MacBook battery cost, ensure that you shut down properly when your work is done.


6. Neglecting Latest Updates

Apple invests a huge amount of resources into research and development, which comes in the form of regular MacBook updates. These updates not only introduce new features but also fix existing bugs and improve the overall working of your system. When you ignore OS upgrades, you end up slowing down your system, and putting excessive pressure, as it works on an older system, which is less compatible with the latest needs.


7. Picking Up By The Lid

Picking your MacBook up by the lid is not merely a bad habit, but an absolutely dangerous one. The joint connecting the lid to the body is not meant to withstand such pressure, and with time will give up, leading to an emergency trip to the MacBook service center. Moreover, the pressure from your fingers damages the screen too. Instead pick up the whole device gently, from the base and handle it carefully for a longer life span.


8. Excessive Heat Exposure

Do you often leave your MacBook in a hot car or under direct sunlight by a window? Even with the powerful cooling technology, modern MacBooks use, exposure to such heat could be slowly killing it by causing thermal damage to its sensitive spare parts. Working under such heat can be highly dangerous. You would get overheating warnings, as the machine goes into thermal throttling at around 96 degrees F and is designed to go into thermal shutdown if the temperature reaches 105 degrees.


9. Off-Brand Charging Cables

Using off-brand charging cables for your MacBook on a regular basis is a sure shot invitation for emergency doorstep MacBook repair services as it can cause fluctuations in current and damage the USB port. While it is true that original Apple power cords can be a bit expensive, that is much cheaper than replacing a damaged port.


10. Leaving MacBook Plugged

When you work with your MacBook continuously plugged into a power source, it functions in a state of overcharging and puts a lot of stress on the battery. It can also lead to overheating and slowly damage the battery, reducing its life span. Instead, charge your MacBook to 80% or even full, and unplug. You can work normally, letting the battery discharge. Plug it back in when the charge is at 20%, for the healthiest battery life.

Your MacBook is a marvellous piece of technology, and with a little care, you can ensure that it has a long productive lifespan. Taking good care of it also saves up on MacBook repair costs in the long run. Buzzmeeh is a leading Apple repair service provider with a presence across many cities in India. Offering all kinds of MacBook repair and replacement solutions using only high-quality spare parts, the brand is highly reputed for its excellent customer satisfaction. Simply google Buzzmeeh for all your MacBook repair needs and we will give the solution at your doorstep.