Does your iPhone Have Water Damage? Here Are The Signs To Look For!

Does your iPhone Have Water Damage? Here Are The Signs To Look For!

If you are among one of those users who recently dropped their iPhone in a liquid (say water or tea) accidentally but immediately picked up the device thinking nothing occurred, and later realized that your iPhone is malfunctioning, then the chances are that your iPhone has gone through liquid spill water damage. You need to know that spill and splash of water, and resistance from dust might go down from normal wear and iPhone repair will be needed shortly.

How will you confirm that your iPhone has gone through water damage? 

To clear your doubts regarding whether or not your iPhone has water damage or not, you need to go through a few simple steps.

  • Beginning with removing your iPhone cases and finding the sim card tray, place it on the right side under the side button. The tray has a tiny hole in it.
  • Make use of tray removal equipment, press on that hole under your sim tray, and remove the tray. Now get a litmus paper and tuck it in the same hole. Flash any light into the slot and see for a red colour.
  • If you notice a red colour, it means a negative sign.

This signifies that the Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) of your iPhone has been activated and that liquid (water or tea) got into the device. You should have seen a white colour, but if that is not the case with your iPhone, then the sign is of damage. This is when you will know that you need an iPhone repair service.


What will you do if your iPhone caught water?

  • If you have by mistake spilled other liquid and not water on your iPhone, the first thing to keep in mind is to not plug the charger on your iPhone device. Next, you need to clean your iPhone with the help of a clean and soft cloth, say the cloth that you use for cleaning your spectacles.
  • Check and see that there must be no liquid or water when you are opening the tray of the sim. The sim tray and the earpiece are the two most common areas where the liquids mostly enter your iPhones.
  • If you have spilled some liquid beside the charging connector,  you need to gently press or tap the iPhone on your hand but make sure that the Lightning connector faces downwards so that the excess liquid can be removed. Keep your iPhone in front of a fan and then directly blow air in the Lightning connector to fasten the process of drying.
  • Do not try drying your iPhone with the help of any heat source or by insertion of a foreign object, say a cotton swab in your Lightning connector. If a portion of the cotton swab or a piece of paper is left in the connector the charging of your iPhone might be affected.
  • You must come across a lot of suggestions that are shown online, that as keeping your iPhone in a bag of rice or using a dryer in the iPhone or a heating source. Never try or believe in them. You will end up thinking your iPhone is restored but the water inside will destroy components causing bigger damage.
  • It is recommended to turn off your iPhone and go to a trustworthy service center to get your mobile cleaned inside. Here at Buzzmeeh, when you contact us for your iPhone repair, we use the IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and also a good quality ultrasonic cleaner to remove the deposition of water, salt, liquids, and other minerals from the components of your iPhone motherboard.


How will you prevent intense liquid damage?

Do not use your iPhone in the following situations:

  • Swimming, taking a shower or doing any water sports where your iPhone will be exposed to water for a long.
  • Near a steamer, or a sauna room. If your iPhone is kept in humid conditions, the chances of water particles entering your iPhone increase and it activates the Liquid Indicator.

All types of iPhone water damage repair are taken care of at Buzzmeeh, iPhone water damage repair depends on the damage level too. If the iPhone has been brought for repair almost immediately within a few days after the liquid spill, our certified technicians at Buzzmeeh will thoroughly examine the level of damage and will follow the necessary steps in handling a water-damaged iPhone.