Difference between iPad glass damage and iPad display damage

The iPad screen damage is the most common problem faced by iPad users. The iPad screen is the most fragile part of any iPad and it's easily gets broken easily if its falls from your hand. But there is a piece of very important information we are giving you in this blog which you must know before going for an iPad screen repair that will save a lot of your money. First, you need to identify if just the upper glass is damaged or the internal screen is also damaged.

Glass Damage

Glass damage means when just the upper glass is damaged or cracked and there is no spot black or colorful or no lines are visible in the internal screen. In this case, you do not have to go for the complete iPad screen replacement whereas you can only go for upper glass replacement of your iPad. This upper glass replacement is comparatively lower than the cost of complete screen replacement. In almost all iPad the cost of iPad glass replacement is almost half of the cost of an iPad display replacement.

iPad Internal Display Damaged 

If there are any black or colorful spots or any lines are visible on the internal screen of your iPad display that implies that the internal screen of your iPad is damaged and in some cases, it is not necessary that the upper glass should be damaged even if the upper glass is intact even then also the internal screen can also be damaged. In this case, we have to change the complete display of your iPad.

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