Tips To Make Your Phone Faster

In today's fast life we want everything fast from our food, cars, internet data speed to our gadgets we want everything as fast as a rocket. But when our smartphone doesn't perform smart and become slow it makes us furious. Here are some smart tips which will make your smartphone comparatively fast.

Make Your Phone Lite

if your phone speed is slow the first thing you have to check is your phone's storage space, the more your storage is full the slower your phone will perform. the simplest way to make your phone lite is by deleting all unused media, delete all duplicate pictures. You can also go to your phone setting and off the auto-download media option for your various apps like WhatsApp, by this, the pictures will not get auto-downloaded in your gallery. scan your gallery and delete unnecessary videos file because these videos file takes a lot of space than picture files.


Use Cloud Space Or Drive

Both iPhone and android mobile provide cloud space to its user up to some level free and after an exceeding limit on a paid basis. You can transfer your data from your phone to iCloud or google drive instead of keeping them in your phone storage this will help you to manage your phone storage space and increase the speed of your phone.


iPhone and Android release their software updates every few months, these software updates come with bug fixes and better performance, and upgraded features. if your facing any performance issue with your phone just make sure that your phone must have the latest IOS/ android update and if not then immediately update the software you will see the visible change in the performance of your mobile phone.

Uninstalled All Unused Apps

There are many apps available on our phone that we don't use on regular basis or hardly use once or twice, these unused apps use a lot of storage space of your phone and make it slow. delete all the apps you are not using anymore and you will see that this will increase the performance and speed  of your  phone



This is the most simple tip almost everybody knows that when any of your gadgets don't work or get stuck you have to simply restart that gadget same goes with the smartphone also. if you are facing issues like lagging or screen struck, restart your phone. It fixes the temporary performance issue.


Reset Your Phone

Resetting your phone is the best way to clear all your phone data and boost your phone performance. Different phones have different reset options like in iPhone it gives you options to reset your setting or network and others. Before selecting the factory reset option makes sure that you have taken the backup of all your important data otherwise you will lose it permanently.


If after doing using these tips your phone is still not performing better you seek help from experts like buzzmeeh. Please visit our website or you can call/WhatsApp us at 8010969696 and request for diagnosis all you have to do is select your phone brand, model, and fault and our support team will contact you immediately. we are experts in all hardware and software-related issues for your iPhone and android mobile.