Why Apple products hard to repair?

Ever since its inception in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Apple has made it abundantly clear that they do not want any apple repair services other than Apple employees to work on their products. This encompasses all of their mobile devices, including Apple iPhones, PCs, iPads, and any other things they own. Apple claims that only employees with the Apple Genius title are capable of working on Apple goods. The brand believes that users of other operating systems will compromise the quality of its products. The brand has even been accused of purposely making its gadgets difficult to repair in order to prevent unsavoury independent repair firms from being able to fix the occasionally damaged Apple products. The three main reasons it is tough to repair Apple products are as follows:



Apple products are designed to avoid opening because they employ a variety of screws that are not the industry standard.


Non-modular designs

Design that is non-modular means that everything is welded or glued together into a single monolith, making it impossible for anyone to replace or improve any of the components. This is especially annoying on laptops, where various components, such as the battery, are often welded or glued directly to the casing. Additionally, random access memory (RAM) is often soldered directly to the motherboard. There is no method to remove just one component at a time, as one would be able to do with a computer that Apple does not make. Incompatible with other systems: Apple products can often only be used with other Apple-approved gear. Because of this, you won't be able to just replace one component with another of the same kind and expect it to function properly.



Another one of Apple's tricks consisted of releasing a software update that rendered inoperable phones with a screen replacement that Apple did not manufacture. Aside from these, it is impossible to fix the back glass of your phone without purchasing a brand-new device. Since the release of the iPhone 8, Apple has made it difficult to fix the back glass on all of their mobile devices. Usually, the price of the repair will be $599 or $699. So, these are the reasons Apple devices are hard to repair. However, with Buzzmeeh you don't have to worry. We understand how expensive Apple products are. We don't want you to be spending money on another device just because your iPhone's speaker is not functioning properly.

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How Can Buzzmeeh Help You?

Our staff consists of skilled professionals who can assist you with any issue with your Apple device and provide the most accessible and convenient Apple Products repair service at your location. We put in a lot of effort to make sure that your Apple device will be fixed as promptly as possible and that you will not have to go without it for a significant amount of time. It will be repaired the very same day at your location by one of our highly qualified specialists, who will restore it back to full performance while also ensuring that it is in pristine condition.

We can repair or replace a component of your Apple device — whether it be the screen, the battery, or any other part. We always make sure to use high-quality components so that you can continue to use your Apple with pleasure for a very long time. Our team utilizes the most cutting-edge diagnostic and repair technology that is currently on the market. We have a group of trained professionals here who are standing by and ready to help you with your requirements. Our technicians have completed the required training and earned the right certifications to demonstrate their expertise. Simply get in touch with us through a call or our website and supply us with all of your requirements. Within twenty-four hours, our service expert will show up at the address you provide to repair any issues that are occurring with your Apple device.