Risk You May Face When Attempting DIY Mobile Repair At Home

In today's internet world we may find various DIY (do it yourself) videos for everything and after watching those videos we also think that we can easily copy these videos and can fix any issues, but every time this is not possible especially when any electronic items are being repaired. These attempts will put you at risk not only of your own basic safety but of worsening the damage in the phone rather than improving it.


We at buzzmeeh is a one-stop solution for all your mobile repair, iPad repair, and Apple Watch repair problems. We repair any brand like iPhone, OnePlus, Samsung, MI/Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo and any fault from broken screen replacement to battery replacement, loose charging jack to a faulty speaker. Having years of experience in the mobile repairing industry and repairing over 3 lacs devices so far, we can advise you to repair your phone from experts only as we have said earlier it's not that easy. Here are some reasons which will explain why you always need an expert to fix your phone.


Lack of Knowledge

The first reason you should not repair your phone by yourself is the lack of knowledge and expertise. Using a smartphone is a different thing and repairing one is completely a different thing. First of all, it's not easy to open the phone with a screwdriver. There are many strips connected to the screen and main board and need expert-level knowledge to separate them safely.


Difficulty in identifying the real issue

The second issue you will face while repairing your phone by yourself is identifying the real issue with your phone. If you are facing any issue with your phone there might be the reason that it may be due to hardware issue or software issue or there is a problem with ic in the motherboard, only an expert can identify the real cause and can give the exact solution of the problem.

Part Sourcing

The next problem you might face is part sourcing. Finding the right part and procuring it is a very typical task, sometimes the procured part is not compatible with the device or maybe faulty, all the electronic spare parts are fragile in nature and may get damaged during the process of replacement only an expert with years of experience can handle them and place them without any damage.


Risk of Damaging the other component

As much as the phone is easy to see from the outside, it is more complicated from the inside, it has hundreds of small and big components which are very sensitive and difficult to handle. Sometimes it happens that you go to repair one problem and end up damaging the other component or in some conditions the phone might be completely dead and unable to repair again.

Lack of Proper Repairing Tools

You need a certain set of tools to repair your phone. Phone screws are very small in size as compared to the other electronics available at your home so tools which are available at your home are not able to open your smartphone. You need specific tools to repair your smartphone other than the specific size and type of screwdriver you need other parts like tweezers different types of separators and pasting materials. Lack of proper tools may damage your smartphone more and buying all these tools may cost you much more than bringing it to buzzmeeh and getting it fixed by our experts.


To conclude we would just say that for phone repair videos you can follow us on our YouTube channel but don't try this at home because these videos are made under expert guidance by Buzzmeeh experts. We have a team of certified technicians who can repair any fault of any phone, iPad, or Apple Watch. To book an appointment visit www.buzzmeeh.com or call/WhatsApp 8010969696.