Customer Story: How we brought smile to our customer by repairing iPhone 11 screen?

The last thing that anybody would want is a broken iPhone 11 screen. Yes, Apple gadgets are pricey investments. People spend a handsome amount to buy these gadgets. Recently one of our clients, Shweta from Gurgaon, got her iPhone 11 screen damaged while she was returning from her yoga class. The first thing she did was to contact the Apple repair center, which didn't work out for her. She then approached a local mobile repair center nearby her home. The service provider convinced her that he would fix the issue and replace the screen with a genuine iPhone screen. She trusted the service provider and left her iPhone 11 there for repair. The next day she got her iPhone back with a new screen for which she paid a handsome amount. But what she saw was shocking the service provider used some substandard screens, which was quite evident.

Shweta asked the service provider about the substandard screen, but he was reluctant. All in all, she had a very bad experience with the local mobile repair service provider. For a while, she didn't use her iPhone, but as said earlier, these are pricey gadgets. You cannot just throw such an expensive iPhone. Shweta then decided to look for a reputable Apple repair service provider. She searched the internet for a professional service provider and came across Buzzmeeh.


Experience with Buzzmeeh

Shweta contacted us via call. Our representative assured her that our Apple-trained technician would take care of the issue. What she liked the most about us was that our technician would fix the issue in front of her. She was a bit relaxed when she got to know about our doorstep Apple repair service. She decided to give us a shot. She booked her repair with us. After that, our Apple-trained technician reached her place on the decided date and time.

What did We do?

Our top-tier technician began working on the iPhone as soon as he got it in his hands. First of all, he ran a few diagnostic tests to ensure that the device did not have any other issues that needed to be addressed. He wanted to make sure that Shweta faced no problems in the future. After the technician got convinced that there was no other issue with the iPhone, he removed the screen and installed a brand new and genuine Apple screen in its place. All this was done in front of Shweta. Before installing, our expert even showed her the brand-new screen, ensuring that she was aware that only a high-quality screen was used. Following the completion of the necessary repairs, the iPhone 11 appeared to be in pristine condition. After repairing Shweta's iPhone 11, our technician handed it back to her and left.

Customer Feedback

Shweta was extremely happy upon getting a timely and genuine iPhone 11 screen replacement. She left five-star reviews on our website. She particularly praised how easy and hassle-free our approach was, as well as how well we were able to restore the device to its former splendour.

Our Approach

We don't believe in making money by making a fool of our customers like the other guy did to Shweta. We at Buzzmeeh, make sure that our customers get the best mobile repair services with us. Our objective is to provide best possible solutions to our customers with hassle-free repair services at their doorstep. We value our customers, and we leave no stone unturned to bring SMILE on their faces! 

Get in touch with us right away if you, like Shweta, are struggling with an iPhone that is not functioning properly or has been broken. Our Apple-trained professional will take care of the rest!