5 Ways How to Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer

You might be teased for being like ‘the person with a mobile phone, whose battery is always low and it can die any moment. And probably your “phone battery is low” is the only warning you take seriously. Well, you might be irritated by your phone battery draining out too soon or just tired of carrying a power bank and searching for power plugs and sockets. So, instead of deciding to buy a new phone, there are a couple of ways you can keep your mobile phone charged for a longer time. 


1. Software Update

You might have seen pop-ups on your phone saying “New Software Update is available”. Mobile phone manufacturers release software updates for your phones every now and then. Sometimes, this can get annoying when you’re too busy with your work, but those updates are important and beneficial for your phone’s battery and performance. Having the latest version of the software in your phone not only gives you a better battery life but also helps in the proper functioning of the phone and speeds up the performance drastically. So the next time you see an update pop-up, don’t say “Not now”. 


2. Dim the Screen

​Another reason why your phone’s battery is always low is this. You may not realize your phone’s screen brightness may be very high than it needs to be. This could eat away all your battery. Turn it down to keep at a sim setting still making it usable. You can do so by simply swiping it from above, and there you can adjust. Also, avoid playing games, watching videos, video calls as all these contribute to low battery.


3. Battery Saver

Use this feature on your phone as it is easy and restricts other working apps capabilities to make the most of the remaining battery. It’s generally known as low power mode or battery saver. You’ll receive a pop-up whenever your phone’s battery gets low and you can turn on this mode. 


4. Camera

​If you are a person who loves taking pictures, clicking selfies, or chatting on video with your friends, family throughout the day, then say goodbye to your battery. As this is likely to kill your battery life! A better option would be to do the right things at the right time - click pictures only when necessary and avoid video calls if you are running out of battery life! 


5. Turn off

​There are a couple of things here:  Airplane mode: ​Turn this on, to save your phone’s battery and then manually connect to Wi-Fi. Connecting with cellular networks consumes more battery. Notifications:​Some apps send notifications multiple times and if it’s bothering you then, you can go to Settings and you can them off. This way you can save your phone’s battery. Vibrations: ​You can simply turn this off if you don’t want your phone to vibrate on incoming messages or other notifications. 


By following these tips you can definitely save your phone’s battery for those important moments when you need your mobile phone the most. If things don’t work well with your phone then it is time for a service! Buzzmeeh is now present in most of the cities in India and there is good news for all Punekars and Hyderabadi nawabs - we are in your town as well! We are one of the best phone repair service centers in Pune and Hyderabad! Visit us and experience nothing but the best-in-class phone repair service.