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Pune, has been named "the most liveable city in India" due to its exceptional quality of life and its several prestigious educational institutions. The city is swamped with people from around the country, with myriads of them using iPhones. Aside from working-class people, Pune is noted for having most students and oldies. In contrast to the older population, who mostly use their iPhones for amusement purposes, the majority of today's students rely on them for academics and other college-related tasks. There is a lot of labor involved for them to get their phone working again if it breaks. Getting your iPhone fixed at a repair shop is a hassle for everyone, whether you're a student or an old person. In such a case, Buzzmeeh comes in handy.

So, if you need iPhone repair in Pune, look no further!

Whether you're dealing with a cracked screen, stuck home button, or malfunctioning microphone, our team of expert iPhone repair professionals will come to you whenever and wherever you need them.

Just let us know which iPhone model you have, the nature of the problem, and when and where to meet you.

Buzzmeeh will send an Apple-trained technician to you at your leisure to make the necessary repairs. Our technician will fix your iPhone in under an hour.

As a result of the reliability and high quality of our services, we have risen to the position of being India's most popular iPhone repair service available online. We offer onsite mobile repair services in all the major cities in India. We have local operations teams stationed in every major city and are available anytime.

Staffed by experts in Apple product repair, including iPhones, we stand ready to help you. Whether it's your iPhone or MacBook that needs to be fixed, we are always there to help you with the required repair. Also, our professionals will repair your mobile gadgets right in front of you. We do not keep any information about our customers that could be useful to them. We provide the necessary service to you in the most competent manner.


Our dedication to becoming Delhi's best mobile phone repair shop sets us apart from the competition. Ever since our company's inception, we've been dedicated to satisfying our clients' needs.

We know what it's like to have a broken phone; it's enough to make anyone nervous. And when mobile service providers offer subpar solutions for iPhone repairs, things get even worse. Quite often, we hear that mobile repair service providers have swapped in counterfeit parts. Our hearts go out to the customers who have lost so much money because of this.

We don't engage in deceiving our clientele. That's why we offer convenient doorstep iPhone repair in Pune. One of our expert technicians will service your phones right in front of you.

They provide you with an in-depth explanation of every component that will be replaced before actually removing and replacing it. Our objective is to give you the best service and see you happy, not to deceive you in any way. Moreover, we don't believe in surprises! So, you'll never have to worry about hidden fees when working with us. We follow a proper procedure. That's why we ask you to first give all the necessary details, including the nature of the problem, the model of your phone, etc. so that you're aware of the charges in advance. Moreover, we offer a warranty on all the components.

Is your iPhone ready for service?

Initiate the process immediately, and we will rush to your location to complete the repair. Our technicians can mend any iPhone model released to date. You can put your faith in the fact that we have seen it all when it comes to fixing iPhones.


Damaged or Cracked Screen

Got your iPhone screen damaged? Worry not! Our expert technician will replace your iPhone's screen with the highest quality replacement in no time.

Damaged Glass

If the top glass of your phone has been broken, let our technicians handle it. They will replace it with new, original glass.

Camera Issue

We can rapidly fix any issues you're having with the camera on your phone, whether they're related to a loss of focus, an image that isn't in focus, a broken camera, etc.

Charging Issue

If your iPhone's battery dies too rapidly or doesn't hold a charge, we'll replace it instantly.

Problem with Charging Port

If your device is charging slowly, not charging at all, or shutting down after switching chargers, you may have a problem with the charging Jack or Port. Get an expert from Buzzmeeh to have a look!

Ear Speaker/ Loudspeaker Issue

If your ear speaker is producing a crackling, unpleasant, or low speech over the phone, or if there is no sound at all, our professional will swiftly repair it. Buzzmeeh cellphone repair service is your last best hope if the loudspeaker on your iPhone is acting up.

Motherboard Issue

Is your phone's IC broken? Fret Not! In addition to network ICs, ringer ICs, speaker ICs, flash ICs, and SIM ICs, we service and replace any other kind of mobile ICs.


Buzzmeeh is your best bet if your headphone or mic is not working properly. Our Apple-certified technician will fix the issue instantly.

Power/Volume Control

Are you struggling with your iPhone's power or volume button? Call Buzzmeeh in such a situation. Our expert will fix the issue ON THE SPOT, and you'll have your iPhone working its best in no time.

Water Damage

Don't stress if you dropped your iPhone in the water and ruined it. Just give a call to our skilled service professionals. It won't be long before they resolve the problem.


Contact Buzzmeeh if you've tried everything to revive your iPhone but to no avail. We guarantee that the problem will be resolved expertly.


We can fix any problem you're having with your iPhone, not just the ones we've already mentioned.

I broke the screen on my iPhone. How long will it take to fix the screen?

If the issue is limited to the display, fixing it shouldn't take long. But rest assured that our tech will look into your phone further to make sure there are no lingering concerns.

For how many days do I need to leave my iPhone with you?

You don't need to leave your iPhone with us. Our technician will come to your place for your iPhone repair in Pune.

How can I set up an appointment for an iPhone repair with Buzzmeeh?

It’s very easy to set up an appointment with Buzzmeeh. All you have to do is to visit our website and follow the steps as described. The moment we will receive your order, we will assign the job to an Apple-trained technician, and he will reach your place at the scheduled time.

When, after setting up an appointment, can we expect to hear from your expert?

Our specialist will reach your location at the scheduled time and date.