How to save your wet iPad? Crucial DOS & DON'TS

Have you got your iPad wet? Oh NO!

Yeah, that's the first thing that people say after getting their iPads wet. Of course, iPads are pricey gadgets, and getting iPads repaired is an expensive affair. It's a no-brainer that electronic devices and water do not get along very well. That's why it is advised not to use your electronic devices whenever you are in the water, whether you are swimming, showering, or even participating in a party in your backyard pool. Also, it is recommended to use high-quality cases to protect your device from any damage. But even that could not be enough to save your gadget from the imminent damage that water would cause, especially if it remains in the water for an excessive amount of time. And as the saying goes, "Whatever has to happen will happen." Sometimes you cannot just avoid uncalled events. The same is the case with iPads getting wet. The moment you become careless about your gadget, something or the other will happen for sure. But Fret NOT! When compared to a smartphone, it is significantly more difficult to damage an iPad, especially if it is water damaged. However, there is always a significant possibility of it taking place. You should know that there is still a chance that your electronic equipment can be salvaged even if it was dropped into a body of water by mistake. So, worry not, and read this post. In this post, we shall discuss the Dos and Don'ts to save your wet iPad.

So, let's get started… Let's start with the most important things that you shouldn't do:



1. Steer clear of using a hair dryer

More often than not, people use their hair dryers to dry their wet devices. If you're planning to try this, don't try! Wondering why? It is because using a hair dryer will transfer the water that is already inside to different places of your gadget, further impairing its functionality. Hence, stir clear of using a hair dryer to repair iPad.


2. Avoid putting your iPad in rice

This age-old technique is quite popular in the world. Most people place their damp things into the bag of rice to get them dry. But that is not what you should be doing with your damp iPad. There's a good chance that you'll be enticed to give it a shot. However, the reality is that it doesn't work that way. In fact, doing so will only permit the rice to enter through those small enough openings, which will cause more harm to the electronic components of the device. Also, it will expose your gadget to dust, which has the potential to damage the motherboard as well as other sensitive components. So, it is advised not to use this trick at all, especially when it's about a gadget; otherwise, you'll end up doing more harm to your gadget.


3. Avoid placing your iPad near a space heater

We know how painful it is to have a damp iPad. There is no doubt we want to fix the issue instantly to avoid further damage. However, in the process, we do some odd things, leading to further damage to our iPads. This is not what you should be doing at all. Often people place their iPads near space heaters to dry them instantly; it's not wise at all. Just avoid placing your iPad anywhere near a space heater. In fact, keep your damp gadget away from any nearby space heaters. It is because the high temperature in the area can make the gadget explode, causing you to sustain serious injuries.


4. Avoid turning it ON while it is wet

NEVER EVER turn your iPad ON while it is wet, as doing so can damage it completely. Know that it takes anywhere from 24 to 36 hours for the water to evaporate completely. If your iPad has become wet, keep it in a standing or upright posture for at least 24 hours before being flipped the following day.


5. Don't panic

There is no denying the fact that iPads are high-priced devices; nonetheless, the state of your mind is more significant than anything else.

In this kind of predicament, losing your temper or giving in to terror won't be of any use.

The majority of the time, people make a bad situation much worse by panicking when they find themselves in it. There is absolutely no need for alarm on your part. Relax and know there are solutions to fix an iPad damaged by water.


Let's now move on to the Dos…

The DO's


1. Remove the cover of your iPad

First things first, the moment you see your iPad wet, immediately remove its cover. Doing so will help the majority of the moisture escape through the headphone jack, charging connector, and any other portions of your device that may have been exposed to water.


2. Eject the SIM card from the iPad

Remove the SIM card as soon as some of the moisture inside of it has been drained out. Of course, you cannot remove the battery of the gadget as there is no provision for that. However, removing SIM instantly will save it for further use.


3. Use paper towels

The moment you see your iPad wet, just take some paper towels and try to soak up as much of moisture as possible. If you want, you can even give your device a light shake so that some of the water can drain out.


4. Use silica packets

You must have seen these packets along with new water bottles and other items. These are tiny packets that are even included with the food you purchase. Silica packets are excellent when it comes to soaking moisture. You may buy some silica packets and put your damp iPad in them to dry. Make sure to buy as many as possible to repair the iPad.


5. Be careful at all times

This goes without saying. Of course, you should be very careful when you invest your hard-earned money in expensive gadgets. Avoid using your gadgets when you're near water bodies. Also, keep your iPads away from your kids' reach. A little bit of carefulness can really go a long way! So, make sure you're careful at all times. Wrapping it up… So, these are the DOs and DON'TS that you must follow to save your wet iPad. Get in touch with Buzzmeeh if you feel like all of this is too much of a challenge. When it comes to repairing Apple iPads, Buzzmeeh is a well-respected brand name. We have a staff of highly qualified specialists on hand that are able to assist you with any of your requirements. The best thing is that you don't have to leave your place to enjoy our services because we offer doorstep iPad repair services. This implies that we will reach your place; all you have to do is to give us a call. That's all!