ASUS ROG Phone 7 Series Launch - Price, Full Specs & Release Date

Smartphones are emerging as the go-to device in the electronic segment. If you are keeping a close eye on which smartphone to buy this year, we have great and exciting news for you! Buy the upcoming and the most anticipated Asus ROG Phone 7 that will be launched in India on June 14, 2023 (unofficial), and always stay connected to the world. 

When it comes to offering smartphones with the latest high-end components and software, ASUS is a leading name. It provides you the best user experiences such that smartphones feel like a part of you. The latest ASUS ROG Phone 7 series is ready to appeal to the most aspirational and new-age consumers. The wait will be worth it!

Today people spend more than 8-9 hours on their smartphones. So an impressive and larger display is extremely important to carry on with the day’s tasks. The mobile is expected to come with a display which is not just better but bigger. It comes with an immersive 6.78 inches (17.22 cm) display such that you will like to grab your phone and explore more on it the first thing on waking up in the morning. With a resolution of 1080 x 2340 Pixels, it makes your world even brighter and crystal clear. No matter how hard you try to tell yourself that “later on”, you just can't skip watching videos or playing games on this upcoming phone. With an amazing and spellbinding display, ASUS ROG Phone 7 is expected to become an inseparable part of your daily life.

The ASUS phone 7 series is here to bring unlimited entertainment, connectivity and respite to you all. It is enthusiastically launching three models this year: ROG Phone 7, ROG Phone 7 Ultimate, and ROG Phone 7D. It knows that consumers are upgrading faster and always looking for more refinement and excellence. All three models will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2 SoC. Hence, stay assured that ASUS ROG Phone 7 is intelligently engineered with groundbreaking features.

The ASUS ROG Phone 7 series is outfitted with expansive memory with 12 GB of RAM + 256 GB of internal storage. Whether you want to store your favorite music files, Youtube videos, movies, or take daily selfies, you will never have to worry about falling short of space in your phone. So ASUS ROG phone 7 series is one phone that will let you enjoy both style and utility.

Your smartphone can bring out the best in you! If you are looking for a phone that leaves a strong statement and defines your personal status and personality, then ASUS ROG phone 7 is your best bet. With an immersive and beautiful display, and a bold look and feel, it is not just a beauty to hold in your hands but can transform the entire world around you in a jiffy. If you are looking to make an impression at your workplace or in society at large, this phone is your trusted companion.

Can you remember such a time when you are not willing to take a great photo or capture a great moment? That's what a good smartphone camera enables you to do. Clicking great pictures with ASUS ROG Phone 7 isn't a labor-intensive process. If you think clicking pictures is the only way to have fun, then the 64 MP + 13 MP + 5 MP cameras of the amazing ASUS ROG Phone 7 series are all you need! Popular art has no limits when it comes to this phone. On the front, the phone boasts a 24 MP camera. So catch up with your friends and family over high-quality video calls and capture great selfies.

Furthermore, the mobile phone is fuelled by an out-of-the-box Android 13 operating system. If you are looking for a phone with the latest Android update, then ASUS ROG Phone 7 series can come to your rescue.

Heard the famous phrase” either do or die?’” We cannot do a single thing or complete an important task without our smartphones. If you are looking to use your smartphone for a whole day, the ASUS ROG Phone 7 has got a decent 6000 mAh battery. Access your favorite smartphone applications, reply to business emails all day long, listen to songs, and watch movies and videos without running out of your battery.

Powered by an Octa-core processor, the phone comes with the best of both worlds - beauty and brains! Almost everything you do on this smartphone will be quick, smooth, and lag-free. If you want to remain high on multitasking, access multiple apps as well as play endless games, you will definitely get the performance you have been waiting for. Moreover, the phone might include sensors such as an accelerometer, E-compass, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, etc.

We are simply nowhere when we aren't connected to the world. ASUS Phone 7 provides various connectivity options including WiFi, Wi-Fi 802.11, b/g/n, Mobile Hotspot, Bluetooth, and v5.2. Although the network has not rolled out in India, the device also supports 5G. In addition to this, it supports 4G, 3G, and 2G.


At just Rs 50,946, the phone can significantly change the way you do things and connect with other people. If you are looking for a phone that's an amazing blend of features as well as value for money, look no further than ASUS Phone ROG 7 series. The wait is worth it!

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