5 Tips to Make your Phone Look as Good as New, This New Year!

Craving a new phone?

Don't have the funds to make a new heavy-duty purchase? Cheat a little and make your old phone look and feel like an absolutely new phone is no time. Here are some great hacks and tips to make any old phone look like a brand new beauty just bought off the rack. Use these tricks and make this year feel awesome by saving some money. You could use these when your children ask you for a new phone unnecessarily or when you want to save your pocket money from burning a hole in your pocket for no rhyme or reason.


1. Change the Cover

Getting rid of the cover is the first and easiest way to give your phone a makeover. Buy a new cover, any cover but definitely a new colored cover. You could also go for a textured cover or a glitter cover. If you would like a professional and sober look you could also use a lovely snakeskin or leather cover for your phone. Choose as you like and get your phone's new attire!


2. Screensaver

Been having the same screen saver forever? Change the screensaver of your phone. This will immediately add a little novelty to your phone. You could add your own picture or a picture of a loved one. If you are the more private kind then check for themes on your phone or download new screensavers for your phone.


3. Space it out

Most times we don't give time for the maintenance of our phones despite using the phone all the time. It needs cleaning too. Clean your phone for some space. Use other storage tools and transfer all heavy files and photos elsewhere. Freeing up space will also make space for some new apps and activities on your phone which will add to the newness of the phone.

4. Clean

Yes, quite literally! Clean the phone, use an alcohol-based cleanser, and clean the main screen of the phone. If your old screen protector has been caught in a web of dust then get rid of that and get a new screen protector. You should also clean the camera lens and the speaker slots for better audio and voice quality. Cleaning the phone will add a new sheen to the phone.


5. Tone it over

Change all the notification ringtones. Starting from incoming calls to messages to whats app notifications and ringtones of other commonly used apps on your phone. This will add to the new feeling of an old phone.

These are some simple and inexpensive ways to feel happy about a new phone without actually purchasing a new phone. Us these smart tricks and give your phone a makeover this 2020. The next time you get tempted to make an expensive and avoidable purchase of a new shining phone then ward it off by trying these simple gimmicks on your existing phone and save the much-needed moolah for a better time!